More colours, more fun


I know we knitters tend to avoid synthetic fibres (for, amongst others, the very valid reason that they’re horrid for the environment), but sometimes the little girl in me just can’t resist the sparkly. Ever since I saw the yarn in my LYS’s bi-annual yarn magazine, I had known I needed to knit with it. I usually avoid yarns with a bajillion colours in there. (Colour-coordinating an outfit with more than two different tones or shades is hard work! And I’m just not down with hard work.) This one however is interspersed with black and white fibres that help anchor this beautiful mess of colour.


There’s another reason why I avoid colourful yarn: it’s really hard to find a pattern to go with it. This time though, I didn’t even have to look further than the first page of my Ravelry queue: the Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks pattern can handle any combination of colours that is thrown at it. It’s also really addictive and fun to knit after you’ve figured out the star stitch! I finished the scarf in a matter of days.


I even took it with me while supervising an exam at university. It’s really hard to appear strict and no-nonsense while producing an object that looks like a toddler had an accident with finger paints! An awesome accident with finger paints, of course, because I truly love this scarf even though I make fun of it. Sometimes you just need a little bit of a lot of colour in your life, especially in these dreary, drab winter days.


And do you know the funniest thing? I was afraid that I wouldn’t find anything to go with this scarf. Turns out I can combine it with pretty much every single one of my sweaters and hats, because there’s at least one colour in the scarf that’s a match for any of them!



Pattern: Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by Morgendämmerung

Yarn: Fashion Elements by Rico Design (59% Wool, 40% Acrylics, 1% Polyester), #56 Komet

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