A Slytherin Scarf for my favourite Draco Malfoy!


Every once in a while people ask me if I do commissions (or straight up ask me to knit or sew them something), and I always shoot them down. Knitting and sewing is my hobby and shouldn’t turn into another daily chore. It is, however, possible to drop very specific hints if, say, your birthday is coming up and you really want that Slytherin scarf because you cosplay Draco Malfoy ….

draco malfoy
Neko as Draco Malfoy. (Photography: me)

While I ultimately don’t think cosplay is the hobby for me right now, I’ve had fun tagging along to conventions with Neko over the past year. I had a great time as the Pocahontas to her Meeko! This is why I was happy to contribute to a cosplay that she’s refined and enhanced over a long time and that, I think, is one of her best works. I can’t say I’m that much of a Harry Potter fan myself, I’ve always been more of a LotR girl, but I do admire the hard work and dedication she put in to become such a fantastic Draco Malfoy. (You can find more of her work here.)


In hindsight, I could have knit this without a pattern, but I wanted this to become as close to the original design as possible. Since I wasn’t confident in my own knowledge of the series, I took a look at a pattern created by someone with presumedly more insight into the fandom and followed their advice. This scarf is based on the “Prisoner of Azkaban” designs that have a decidedly darker and moodier feel to them. It’s knit in the round creating a long tube that’s closed off at the end with a short fringe.


The pattern is easy, mindless stockinette stitch: 27 rows MC, 3 rows CC, 5 rows MC, 3 rows CC, repeat from beginning. It takes a while to knit, though, because the scarf ends up being fairly wide. If I were to knit it again, I’d cast on fewer stitches. I bought five balls of yarn in the MC and 2 in the CC. I had one complete ball of grey yarn left at the end, but had to be stingy with the green yarn and reduce the fringe so I wouldn’t have to buy a sixth ball.


I’m really happy with the result (even though I should’ve trimmed the fringe, but I forgot)! The scarf is gorgeous and, I think, well-loved by the recipient as well. 🙂


Pattern: Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf by Lauren Kent (look at the comments for an archived link)

Yarn: Wolle Rödel Merino Plus (Worsted, 50% Merino/50% Acrylics), 2118 Fichte und 2115 Anthrazit.

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