In which I ramble on and on about university, reading for fun, and business cards

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since my last update!

I’ve been busy mostly with my master thesis – and worrying if I bit off more than I can chew when I chose my topic. What’s more, my lack of a regular daily routine has given me a lot of time to think, and that’s probably why I’ve been so quiet here. No worries, I still love this blog, and will continue knittung and sewing to my heart’s content. It’s just that I need to do other things, too.

You see, when I was a teen I’d read and paint and write, creative writing that is. Then university started, and I sort of … stopped all of that. It’s a common story, I know, many students tell me they don’t read for fun anymore because academic reading consumes most of their time already. Plus, I’ve struggled at university because of my social anxiety and needed to focus all my strength to get through day-to-day life most of the time. That’s okay though: I did what it took, and I’m proud of myself.

It’s just that I miss being creative in other ways than knitting and sewing. A few weeks ago I gave myself an entire evening just to paint, and it was so much fun! I’ve also been taken up reading (for fun!) again. It’s been incredibly rewarding. Right now I’m reading Simone de Beauvoirs’ The Mandarins, a book about Parisian intellectuals struggling to find their place in postwar France. My favourite book this year has been Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin, a reimagining of the old Scottish ballad at a Midwestern college in the 1970s. It’s such a lovely book, I get dreamy just when I think about it!

I also miss travelling a great deal. I used to be so fond of travelling, and have adventures on my own in countries whose main language I ideally didn’t even speak, and then I’d get lost terribly and be a little scared, but either I’d find the way myself or a friendly local would help me along. I had the best times then and saw and learnt so much!

In a nutshell, right now I’m trying to figure out where I am and what I want now that my time as a student draws to a close. It’s insufferably cliché, really.


Enough rambling! I had business cards made for my blog. They’re awesome and I’m in love. allows you to create a front that’s the same for every card, but different versions for the back! I spent an entire evening designing the cards and choosing the right photos … then waited impatiently for the cards to arrive in the mail! I was afraid I wouldn’t like them after all, but I’m so happy with them! The print and the paper quality are amazing, and they come in this neat little box. (It sounds like I’m affiliated with the company, doesn’t it. I’m not, I swear, I’m just gushing.)

Tangled Yay!

As you can see, I also decided to go with my real name on the cards. When I first started this blog I felt insecure about using it. I had never had posted pictures where literally everyone could see them, so I thought I’d use a pseudonym at least. Four years later I’m much more confident, so hello everyone! I’m Tabea. I’m currently working on changing my blurb and my about page as well. And next week I’ll be back with a new sweater and great pictures! We shot them on the weekend and I’m happy with them.

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