Yay for stash-busting!


In my ongoing Sisyphean effort to decrease my fabric stash, I welcome any project that requires small amounts of fabric. That way, I get to use up all that beautiful leftover fabric from previous big projects! (No, I can’t throw anything away. That’d be sad.) Meike graciously sent me the link to Noodlehead’s open wide zippered pouch. She has made a bunch of these for her knitting projects, much admired by me on our knitting nights.


I decided to make the small version first. During my first attempt, I misread the instructions regarding the corners and ended up with a much different shape! That’ll teach me to read tutorials properly before happily cutting into fabric. I still quite like that odd little bag. I mean, you can still store things in it, so it fulfills its purpose 100%! By which I mean to say: Consider your mistakes a learning opportunity. I did, and consequently, the second bag (the pink one) turned out as intended.


As a stash-busting project, this was supposed to be cheap. Both fabric and lining were in my stash already. Unfortunately enough, I had to purchase the zippers for this at my local fabric store, which wasn’t cheap. I really have to order zippers in bulk on Ebay or something, I hear they’re a steal!


All in all, I’m pretty happy with my new bags. I use the pink one to store my medicine, and the peony one to transport make-up. My favourite parts are the little zipper pull tabs in contrasting fabric! They’re just such a fun detail. I definitely hope to make more of these bags, maybe I’ll try out the medium and large versions so I can use them as storage for my knitting projects like Meike!



Pattern: Open wide zippered pouch by Anna Graham

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