Lilacs, or: The one where I don’t complain about a Kim Hargreaves pattern


I’ve complained so much about Kim Hargreaves’ patterns that it’s sort of become a hobby. Nevertheless, I can’t say too many bad things about this one! Sure, the pattern could be written and arranged more clearly, but I’ve learnt to decipher 18th century cadastres: I can deal with Kim Hargreaves, as well. No, more importantly, there weren’t any major mistakes in the pattern that required hours of frogging and reknitting to get it right. I knitted it basically straight from the page!

My Dad told me I laugh just like my Grandma in this photo, so it’s now my favourite thing ever. <3

Nevertheless, it was still a lengthy process to knit this pullover. I’ve started it during Christmas break and finished it at the beginning of May. The reason why it dragged on so much is that I kept running out of yarn and had to order more. Especially those sleeves eat up a good deal of meterage! If I ever re-knit this pattern, I’ll shorten the sleeves a bit, because they ended up too long anyway (as you can see in the pictures).


This and the neckline are my only issues with the sweater. The neckline’s fit it sort of weird and I don’t know why. Either it’s my chest size or I sewed on the sleeves the wrong way, either way it doesn’t look quite like the picture in the book.

For these two reason I massively disliked the pullover when I first tried it on. It made me feel ginormous and unsightly. When I wore it to university, I got nothing but compliments on it, which is when I realized my jerk brain was trying to play tricks on me again. After wearing the sweater a couple of times I absolutely love and am ever so glad I didn’t listen to my first instinct to just chuck it into the corner and give up knitting forever. (Bad jerk brain. Bad, bad jerk brain! You should be ashamed of yourself.)


I think my favourite aspect of this make is the colour of the yarn. I adore dusty, delicate lilacs like this, and it’s alpaca yarn to boot, which means it’s wonderfully warm and snuggly, oh … it’s simply perfection!


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Pattern: Still by Kim Hargreaves (Thrown Together)

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Lima (DK, 65% Wool/35% Alpaca), 4434 Purple

Photography: Meike


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