Meet The Tent. It’s magnificent.


I’m in a rather bad mood today – my relaxing break from difficult things turned out to be not so relaxing after all – but I still wanted to show you one of my favourite unblogged (as of yet) makes. It has earnt the affectionate nickname The Tent, and I want to spent the rest of my live in it. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned!


Even though The Tent wasn’t a particularily challenging make, it took me months to complete it. I think I began sewing it sometime in January? It all started with me cutting out the wrong hemline facing and spiralled from there. At first, I couldn’t line up the facing to the hem correctly, so I added extra pleats. The result was something that resembled a diaper to close for comfort, even though I actually wore it a couple of times in that state. It was just too perfect for long train rides or lazy days!


As it turns out, I do care about aesthetics just as much as about comfort, so I removed the awkward facing at some point. Unfortunately, due to the curved hemline I couldn’t just sew a normal hem like I do in other projects. I then picked up cute dotted flower bias tape at Stoffmarkt Holland in June; that solved the problem nicely.


Last but not least, I bought white twisted cord and threaded it in the hood. The white contrasts the pink rose fabric quite nicely, I think! I also love that it’s shorter in the front than in the back now that I removed the hem facing, it adds an interesting twist to the construction!


Aesthetically, the 3/4th sleeves are adorable, but the fact that they’re included in the front and back pattern piece rather than being sewn on as separates regrettably poses a practical problem: I can’t raise my arms without exposing my crotch area … I’d demonstrate, but I want to spare your eyes, so here’s a photo that illustrates the sleeve situation and leaves the rest to the imagination. ;D



That said, I love my tent. I actually want to go and wear it right now! (I mean, look at that adorable little hood! It’s too small for my giant head, but then again it doesn’t have to be functional as long as its that cute.) It’s just so comfortable. Lately, I find myself going for makes that aren’t flashy or intricate and require impressive technique, but things I’ll wear and love all the time, as simple as they may be in construction.



Pattern: Burda Style 01/2016 Nr. 101C

Fabric: polyester blend from Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm (on sale)

Photography: Dad

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