Going teal


A few weeks ago we visited an exhibition at the Reiss-Engelhorn museums in Mannheim and took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of my new teal dress in their courtyard. I don’t think I had fancy pictures like these on the blog yet! There’s even a sphinx statue in the background and everything.


I’ve already blogged about my first version of this dress. This time around, I wanted to sew the flounce variation in thicker jersey so I could wear the dress during fall and winter. Originally I planned to buy wine-red jersey, but that colour doesn’t seem to be fashionable right now? Anyway, I couldn’t find the right shade of red so I went with this beautiful teal jersey.


The only modification I made was to eliminate the zipper in the back. It was absolutely pointless in my first version, so why shell out 4,- € for another zipper when you don’t even need it to get into the dress. Now that I see the pictures I wish I had lowered the bust  dart as well as the waistline because that doesn’t look good. Oh well. Next time. (Fitting is definitely not my strong suit.) (I also really need better bras. Damnit, I hate underwear shopping!)


I think the flounce would be flounce-ier if I had used a lighter fabric, but on the other hand I’m just glad that I have a nice-looking dress for colder days. On the bright side, I learnt that teal looks rather good on me! This is a colour that you wouldn’t have found in my wardrobe until now.

Also, that exhibition sucked. Guys, check for spelling mistakes before you let people pay money to look at your texts! It was really underwhelming content-wise, too. We had a good time anyway, though!



Pattern: Burda Easy H/W 2016 No. 2A

Fabric: Jersey from Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm

Photography: Patricia

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    • Thank you! Teal really is lovely. I feel like sometimes I’m really stuck in my comfort zone when it comes to colours, so it’s good to try something different sometimes. 🙂

  1. It looks really pretty, and yes teal does suit you! You should bring the dress with you when you go bra-shopping. Best thing I ever did was go to a real old fashioned lingerie store, the bra was expensive but I felt so much better and Jersey looked better too.

    • Thank you! I actually did go to a local lingerie store, just like you suggested, and took my time figuring out the measurements to find just the right bra for me. I bought two, and it’s amazing to wear them! Clothes just look completely different.

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