WIP: Lena Hoschek graduation ceremony dress

Good news! I’ve been invited to present my master thesis at my graduation ceremony in December. I feel proud and honoured, obviously, but also extremely freaked out and intimidated by this development … of course that means I need a suitable dress! For my BA graduation ceremony, I ended up buying a dress to wear because of time constraints, but this time I’m going to sew it.

From Burda 11/2016.

I fell into a pattern searching rabbit hole for … more hours than I’m comfortable to admit, but I always circled back to the Lena Hoschek designer pattern from the November Burda edition. At first I was looking for something a little more simple and “adult”, but then I figured this is a special occasion so I might as well go all out. Plus, I’m more comfortable in dresses with wide skirts like that anyway.


Sadly, I had to cut back on the materials. While I would’ve loved to buy high-quality taffeta for this dress, that wasn’t really affordable on my meager minimum wage level salary. I ended up ordering these 100% polyester fabrics online. The embroidered taffeta is pretty much exactly the kind of look I imagined and I hope the rayon will be lovely to wear as lining.

I’ve already cut out the pattern pieces and plan to sew this dress over the weekend when I’m at my Dad’s place. I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew with such a limited amount of time, but here in Heidelberg I’ve neither the time nor the space really to concentrate on sewing properly. I’ll keep you updated!

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  1. This design is beautiful and your fabric is lovely! I hope you get it finished in time because it will be fabulous! Also, if you weren’t planning on it yourself, I would like to include it in my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER posts, giving credit to you too – where sewists find a Designer garment and copy it for themselves. I’ll be doing a post tomorrow to explain it all. Happy Sewing!

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