It wasn’t a handmade Christmas

For a couple of years now, I’ve prided myself in knitting or sewing most of my Christmas presents. My late grandmother, my mother, my uncle: they’d all receive something handmade from me. My father is the only exception, because I usually give him books. This Christmas, though? I just didn’t have the energy, to be honest.


This hat is the only thing I made, and I finished it only last week. It’s the simplest pattern you could imagine, and yet it took me nearly two weeks to finish this project. But I do think my uncle will like it. The fingering weight alpaca yarn is warm, but not too warm as he found the worsted weight hats I’ve made him before. It’s also amazingly soft! I didn’t really want to take it off after wearing it for the pictures so I sat in front of my laptop sporting this hat for a good hour afterwards, haha!



Pattern: 135-33 Darrin by DROPS Design

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Flora (Fingering, 65% wool/35% alpaca)

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