A coat of errors


It’s been slow in the crafting department the past couple of months. I did start a few projects, but I’ve been having a somewhat unlucky streak – every time I started something new, I’d run into difficulties soon enough. This coat is a prime example. I started it back in November last year, and only picked it up again this month.


What went wrong? The front pieces ended up much longer than the back piece because I had overlooked a line in the pattern and cut out a different version. I made a mistake cutting the expensive stretch lining and had to buy cheaper lining as a replacement. I didn’t buy enough imitation leather for the piping at the neckline; this in addition to the soft wool fabric means the the upper front piece never stays flat. The lining for the sleeves somehow ended up shorter than the fabric, resulting in an awkward bunched up situation there.



Worst of all? The front pieces don’t line up properly, for reasons that remain a mystery to me. I relocated the buttons so that the front lines up at the bottom; of course the collar is askew as a consequence, but I figured I could more confidently claim the misaligned pieces were meant to be like that (because FASHION) this way than the other way round. It isn’t perfect, and I usually cover it up with a scarf, but I can live with it.


Surprisingly enough, considering the tirade above, I still love wearing the coat. The fabric is really beautiful and soft. I love the contrast leather, and I’m really proud of the bound pockets. It took me hours to figure out how to do them, but I think I did well for my first time. Most importantly, this coat is amazingly comfortable. I wore it on our recent trip to Prague and it did a good job keeping me warm and cozy in combination with my alpaca cardigan.




Pattern: Burda Style 12/2015, No. 102.

Fabric: A wool blend for the outer fabric bought on sale at Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm, imitation leather from Stoffwelt as well, lining bought online at Stoff-Schatzkiste.

Photography: Mom

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    • Thank you! Haha I guess sometimes I’m my harshest critic, but this one was reaaaaally frustrating to make. Thankfully, I love wearing it so it was worth muddling through!

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