Walk like a Roman


Yesterday we visited the Baroque garden at Ludwigsburg castle. We couldn’t go into the castle, but we took a walk through the beautiful gardens! They have a Fairy Tale garden there with speaking puppets in little huts enacting various Grimm fairy tales (and 1001 Nights!). It was so much fun, although admittedly it’s targeted at children and not grown-ass fairy tale lovers like me …

Next to the witch’s gingerbread house.


Before that, we took some pictures of a summer dress I finished at least two months ago (I’m a lazy blogger, shame on me!). It’s one of Burda Style’s “easy” pieces, and I guess it was a rather easy make, but for the record: I hated making the ribbons.  Originally I planned to use leftover fabric from my stash for this pattern, but I hadn’t enough unfortunately. This beautiful Georgette crepe I bought at my local fabric store was a much better choice anyway in a lucky turn of event! I love the large flower print and the fabric feels great on the skin, especially during warm weather.



As much as I hated making the ribbons, they make for a neat feature: you can change the length of the sleeves. I prefer to pull the sleeve fabric together to create a bit of a “Roman” look. If you open up the sleeves it looks a bit like a Japanese-style garment, which is pretty too but much less convenient to wear.



Pattern: Burda Style 02/2017 No. 107b, size 40.

Fabric: Georgette crepe from Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm.

Photography: Philip

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  1. What a pretty dress! I have this issue of Burda, but never found the pattern so pretty. But your a looks gorgeous!

    • Thank you! I find that Burda Style sometimes makes truly odd fabric choices for their patterns, which turn out really pretty in different prints/colours!

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