Finally, the Lena Hoschek graduation dress saga comes to an end!


Remember when I wanted to sew the dress for my graduation ceremony? Yeah that didn’t work out so well. Good news though, I finally finished it today – about eight months after the fact. I learnt a lesson about hybris there!


The original pattern had these horribly puffy sleeves, if you remember, which is why I didn’t finish it in time. You were wise to suggest to switch out the sleeve pattern instead of trying to change the original ones in a desperate last minute effort. Now I look normal wearing the dress and not like an overgrown toddler in her princess phase!



The bodice still doesn’t fit all that well, but I can get in and out of it without a problem so I’ll call it a day after eight long month. The long break had another positive side as well: I like the dress again! For a while, I didn’t know what I was thinking choosing such a shiny, showy fabric like that. Now I actually think I’m going to wear it whenever there’s a fitting occasion … there’s actually a big birthday coming up that I’m invited to, so it might make its debut soon!


Plus, I’m already thinking about sewing it again in a black fabric with some kind of deep-red print like the Lena Hoschek original, or in cotton to make it more suitable for everyday wear. It’s a gorgeous pattern after all, I just shouldn’t have tried to sew it over only one weekend.



Pattern: Burda Style 11/2016 No. 144.

Fabric: embroidered taffeta for the outer fabric and rayon for the lining

Photography: Mom

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