Tangled Yoke, Confused Knitting


Boy. That was some knitting project.

I started the Tangled Yoke Cardigan in March of this year and worked on it on and off until now. It’s a great pattern, don’t get me wrong! It’s challenging, but I loved the little technical details. I can truly say I learnt much knitting this cardigan. It just isn’t a good idea to take long breaks between such a demanding pattern.


For some reason, I used a larger needle for the ribbing than the stockinette part of the body. I don’t understand why for the life of me! I’m such a moron sometimes. The result is that the cardigan gives me quite an ample hip area, which is unnecessary and rather unflattering! Secondly, the sleeves are too long. The kicker is that I distinctly remember thinking that they were too long while I was knitting the first one … but then I didn’t shorten it, because I was insecure and worried that there was some kind of nifty reason why they needed to be that length.


Nevertheless I’m in love with this cardigan. The yarn – 100% new wool from Ireland in a gorgeous pale yellow tinge – is beautiful and so warm! It isn’t even scratchy anymore after washing it once. Also, I think it complements the pattern and particularly the cabled yoke. The yoke, of course, is my favourite part, even though my fingers were red and swollen from knitting it! Another neat detail: Short rows are used to shape the neck. Then the neckband is folded over and knitted together with stitches picked up from the base of the neckband. That creates a clean and elegant finish!



Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang, size 38

Yarn: Cushendale 100% Pure New Wool (Sport) in the colourway Butter

Photography: my Dad

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