Casual in teal


It has been rather quiet here! The reason for my silence is that I moved in together with my boyfriend back in November. We spent the past few months renovating, furnishing and decorating our new apartment. It’s a lot of work and we’re not even done yet! Our kitchen will be delivered only at the beginning of March, boo. 🙁 Still, I didn’t stop creating things, I just didn’t get around to posting about them yet!


I usually knit and sew whatever strikes my fancy. Ever since the move I’m trying to deliberately add things I need to my wardrobe. Philip and I share one closet so I have to be prudent with the space that’s available to me! I decided to replace a lot of my old fast-fashion cardigans from H&M, Bershka, Pull&Bear and the like.


This is the “Chalk” pattern from “Misty” by Kim Hargreaves. It honestly isn’t the kind of pattern that I’d see and think, “Oh shiny! Have to make it!”. However, in the spirit of knitting casual and easy-to-layer everyday wear, I found myself coming back to it. Combined with the teal colour, it’s actually quite eye-catching, don’t you think?


I pretty much followed the pattern except for the sleeves, and that was an accident. You’re supposed to fold back the borders and sew them to the sleeves, but I had joined the borders on the WS so that you would’ve seen the seam. Frankly, I was too annoyed and lazy to open up the seam again, so I just left it the way it was and I’m actually fine with it. The proof for that is that I’ve been wearing it quite a lot since I finished it!


Pattern: Chalk from “Misty” by Kim Hargreaves, size L

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Belle (DK, 53% cotton/33% viscose/14% linen), 17 petrol

Photography: Philip

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