A pillow and a kitty


Sometimes life gives you lemons. I’ve had problems with my neck and back ever since my hospital stay last June. The constant pain keeps me from doing a lot of things, not least of them knitting and sewing. I can’t keep away from crafting completely, of course. I just have to do it slower. A lot slower. With many, many breaks.


I still wanted to contribute something handmade to our apartment. We bought the fabric for this pillow with a gift certificate my uncle gave me for Christmas. Since dark wood and deep colours dominate our living room, we wanted a bit of colour to brighten up the space. It took me a while to get around to sewing the pillow after that. I’m still not sure where my sewing space will be in this apartment, plus I need to get used to sewing without my mom’s serger! I made this in my office, but that room is too small for cutting and sewing, and the chaos that comes with it. I don’t want to mess up the living room either, because that’s where my boyfriend likes to relax after work. There’s also the matter of the curious kitty that will surely poke his cute little nose in all my sewing supplies … 🙂


Speaking of … meet Oscar the Wilde, the newest member of our household! He’s five months old and stinkin’ cute. Also, he looks so handsome against the pillow, doesn’t he? As if it was made for him. But then, he looks handsome everywhere!

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