Moving has changed my life a lot. I felt established in Heidelberg – I had a lovely little apartment, a job, a place at university to go to work/write everyday, and most importantly, a great group of friends. Now I have a beautiful apartment, a cat and most importantly, can spend my life with the person I love madly. This is fantastic! Still, I feel uprooted. I miss being able to discuss my academic work or just random things over coffee. I miss being able to go out and be in the middle of university life. And I so miss my friends.


It’s a bit hard to admit that. I had a depressive phase in the winter months, so I usually try to gloss over the feeling of isolation that overcomes me sometimes and try to distract myself. I found great joy in gardening. I started a new job working with children that’s been a challenge as well as an opportunity to grow. I’m not unhappy – I have no reason to be. I know it takes time to truly arrive at a new place. It took time in Heidelberg as well.


I think this struggle to find myself in my new life is why I haven’t been knitting or sewing much lately. (That, and my pain issues.) I’m slowly returning to these hobbies, though. I finally finished this scarf I’ve been working on for months. It got picked up and put aside about a million times. Too repetitive. Couldn’t find joy or at least distraction in it. After finishing it, I started a new project that I’ve been working on continually for the past two weeks! I’ll show you in one of my next posts – I feel really excited about it!



Pattern: Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf by Lexi Lu

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Flora (Fingering, 65% wool/35% alpaca), 5 Dark Grey.

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