Garden Paradise

It all started on a shopping trip to Stuttgart. We were at the Manufactum store there. It’s a store for high-end household goods using traditional manufacturing methods and materials. We always go there to look at all the stuff we can’t afford. It’s the way we roll! We were browsing their gardening stuff because I had been dreaming of a little herb garden, and picked up a couple of seeds: basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, chive and lovage, plus some tomato seeds.40673837151_22ac1ccab3_k40785189222_2ef9e47365_kI say “little herb garden” and I totally meant that back then, but the whole garden thing kind of escalated quickly … I was feeling bored and lonely at that time and welcomed the intellectual challenge of learning something that was new to me. I started reading up a lot about herbs, how to care for them and the different ways to use them!41235151571_09aae89500_kWe don’t have that much space on our terrace, so we had to device ways to accommodate the plants and still leave room for us to spent time outside. We bought a planting table as well as plant stands and a hanging basket. (I found them scanning the Aldi and Lidl websites for cheap alternatives to the garden center stuff.) When you have little space, you have to go vertical!41516381181_9d6823c917_k27691053068_0d5c0426ef_k41060144624_8a109e50b1_k39970026580_cbbc15ebe1_kAs you can see, we still had lots of room to sit on the terrace and enjoy spring and summer!41209448455_5ffa6e8617_kOf course, at this point it wasn’t a “little herb garden” anymore. I used seed bombs containing cornflowers, calendulas and more to attract bees and bumblebees. They are so much fun but they aren’t suitable for my little planters – they nearly broke them!41722144705_bff041ffcf_kI also picked up strawberry plants at the supermarket. Honestly, I didn’t expect much there, but they produced strawberries over the entire summer!27883548318_324c756cdb_k41397010215_74a0c642be_kMy tomatoes totally spiralled out of control, though. I had over ten plants that grew so insanely big they basically too over the entire terrace! Next year I’ll just keep three or four plants and give away the rest of them.41620725440_e2919272a8_k43804161421_20daef172d_kI also grew different peppers from seed, which made Phil really happy. He loves using them for cooking! It was amazing to be able to use homegrown herbs and vegetables in the kitchen in general. Even simple meals just taste so much better!29934204018_087e6d848f_k31300410438_33a28b6906_k45173886361_8af45c95b2_kI made a lot of rookie mistakes – ask me about the Great Fungi Disaster of 2018 that befell my yellow raspberry and the cilantro (RIP). You live and learn! At the same time, gardening gave me so much joy and calm. Right now, we’re winding down and starting to prepare for the winter. I want to hibernate some of the herbs and the other plants. I have basically no idea how to do that, but I’ll figure it out eventually …

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    • Thank you! It was a constant work in progress, but I think we figured out how to balance the space for us and for the plants quite well. I was pleasantly surprised about the strawberries! You don’t get a lot of berries with two plants obviously, but enough for a little snack here and there while sitting outside and enjoying the sun!

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