Shopping round-up: the ready-to-wear question

For years, I didn’t really go shopping anymore. I had grown increasingly uncomfortable with the negative environmental impact and exploitative working practices of fast fashion and didn’t really want to spent money on something so problematic. Also, I might as well make clothes myself! Over the years I realized: I can make some clothing for myself, but – especially after gaining weight – I don’t have the time and the skills to create and keep up an entire wardrobe just with handmades. I’ve come to terms with the fact that life is fraught with ethical issues and you can’t be perfect all the time. It’s important to me to buy sustainable and ethically made clothes, but it’s still okay to pick up something you like every now and then.25835401767_b75f9ddc83_k

This sweater is from Degree Clothing, a small German label. They use bio cotton for their textiles and produce in the EU under fair working conditions. Their designs are sometimes a bit hipster and eye-rolly (the black dots are supposed to resemble chewing gums found on the streets in various cities), but the sweater is amazingly warm and feels great on the skin! I’m so looking forward to wearing it now that it’s colder again.28575942427_289b1e6dcf_k.jpgI bought this shirt because I loved the print. It’s from the vegan fairtrade label Gary Mash  from Austria. I sort of regret buying this shirt to be honest, because the sweat fabric is too warm for short-sleeved summer clothing … I should have waited to buy the sweater! It’s still lovely and I like wearing it.


I couldn’t resist buying these shirts at Uniqlo! They partnered with Studio Sanderson, the traditional British interior design label. I love a good floral print, so these shirts are just right up my alley. I’ve worn them a lot since I bought them. They brighten up my everyday life so much! I’m okay with buying fast fashion occasionally if it’s something I’m going to wear and love for a long time, I think.

(This is an extremely small blog so I feel sort of silly to say this, but just in case: The post isn’t sponsored in any way. There aren’t any affiliate links either. I paid for everything myself!)

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