Curtains? Curtains!

I love a good curtain. I had cheerful yellow ones in my old apartment in Heidelberg. When I’d wake up in the morning, my room would be bathed in the most beautiful sun light peeking through the curtains! 44912617025_5f90afb95f_k1Here we have old creeky shutters in our bedroom. I hate them! They effectively shut out any light. It’s too dark in the morning for my taste, so I don’t use them much. I’ve been planning to sew curtains pretty much since we moved in, but I kept pushing back the projects because there was so much to be done that was more urgent. A few weeks back, I finally ordered fabric swatches to figure out the right colour for the curtains. This is how our bedroom looks right now:30885831707_6d660553c4_kWe have this huge tapestry on the one sight. The furniture is mostly in warm, lighter hues. In general, I try to keep with the warm, earthy but light theme. I realize this might not be everyone’s idea of “cozy”, but it feels like that to me! Especially because I placed my Grandma’s old armchair, which I’m very fond of, in front of the window. At some point, I plan to turn this into a quiet little reading nook actually! 45825553481_e0682ebe93_kAnother focal point of the room is the oil painting I got from an antique seller on Ebay. I’m in love with the reddish-brown colours of this autumnal landscape! The curtain needs to fit in with the tapestry on the left and the painting on the right side of the window. Since both are objects that draw the eye to them, I though about a neutral colour at first. I abandoned that idea because I don’t think the morning light would be very pretty that way. And I’m already thinking of placing an huge cream or beige rug in this room anyway … 44912308055_8984bb65d3_kI ended up ordering these four fabric swatches. I don’t think I’ll use the green. It’s too dark in front of the window. Besides, I want to use a dark green to re-upholster my Grandma’s armchair. I don’t like the red swatch either, it’s too aggressive. That leaves the two swatches on the right. The bottom one is a sturdier taffeta, which might be good because that curtain has to go up against a certain kitty rogue and his merciless claws. The top one is lighter, but I LOVE the colour! It would fit in so well between the tapestry and the painting.

What do you think? Which swatch fits best? Or would you use another colour all together?

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