Taylor’s Toe-Up Socks (Pt. 5 and 6)

I’ve got to admit that I’m usually one of those people who start on Christmas gifts at the very last minute. But not this year! I’ve already bought the majority of presents, and I’m finished with the first half of the handmade ones. As mentioned, I made them a couple of times over the last few years because my uncle loves them.45497252964_be9710110e_kThere aren’t many patterns I’ve made more than once. Usually I’m can’t resist the next shiny new thing! Making things twice or more does have its advantages, though: I’m so familiar with the pattern for these socks that I can knit them without checking the instructions. Perfect for mindless TV knitting in the evening!
45497271064_f97eb1675b_kThis is the first time that I used DROPS Alaska, and it’s fine. It knits up well! I like the dark grey. Didn’t love the blue, but I think it’s a good contrast to the grey! cropped-dsc081342021.jpgPROJECT OVERVIEW

Pattern: Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks by Jasmyn Cunningham

Yarn: DROPS Garnstudio Alaska (Aran, 100% plied wool), 05 Dark Grey/15 Midnight Blue

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