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I’m super excited about celebrating Christmas season in our apartment together! Technically, we already had Christmas in our apartment last year, but we had moved in only in November and pretty much everything was still a construction site! Now we’re settled in we can actually enjoy the holidays here and start some traditions of our own. We agreed we didn’t want to go overboard with the Christmas decorations and started small with an Advent wreath.45358064175_5367d466c7_k46262396791_f1c0aa4a59_k I have most of my Christmas presents already, which is unusual for me. We’re going to additionally try and take a family picture to frame and give to our parents. We’ll see how grumpy Oscar will be when he has to hold still for the picture. He has the greatest track record in that regard! 😀28038622778_181c43a3ed_kI even bought an adorable polkadot bowtie for our kitty gentleman! After all, we all should be in our Sunday best for this picture!45358098005_dd7d736d12_kIMG_4437


I decided to make this apron for my boyfriend. I found this beautiful geometric fabric from Gütermann that is sophisticated but not boring. I ordered it two weeks ago, but it hasn’t been shipped yet. I hope I’ll get it in time before Christmas!44912308055_8984bb65d3_kI also ordered the fabric for our bedroom curtains. I went with the red-rust fabric on the top right. Everyone I asked agreed it would look best in the room! I actually can’t wait for it to arrive – I’m looking forward to having beautiful curtains in the bedroom so much!46220415632_2e1f2252c2_kSince I can’t start on Phil’s apron, I’ve been doing some selfish knitting. I cast on the Manu cardigan by Kate Davies in DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk. After knitting so many cotton cardigans, I’m ready for some soft, warm alpaca! 46270696741_2a8d18a7ee_k31384145007_45abcd15f4_kI’ve started storing my WIPs in this midcentury sideboard we thrifted a couple days ago. I had them in my office before, which isn’t an ideal situation if you want to work in peace without the allure of a new shiny knitting project … The sideboard still needs a bit of TLC, but isn’t the checkered inlay beautiful?

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