Burda Men’s Apron

I still haven’t shown you the apron I made for Phil! It’s this Burda pattern. After discussing colour choices with my MIL, I decided to buy this beautiful blue Gütermann fabric with a white geometrical pattern. (I thought about plaid at first, but that felt too cliché for a men’s pattern.)32667095218_753fb0d401_kIt was a quick and easy sew. Only attaching the bias tape gave me a bit of a headache. It was the first time I made bias tape instead of using storebought tape. I think I made it too narrow so that the encased fabric kept fraying. Annoying. 31599981467_0a4431e435_kI finished the apron in an afternoon. I just had too stitch on the bias tape, attach the straps at the waist and the top, and sew on the pocket. Done! Phil was happy about the apron, I think. He wore it the next day when he was cooking holiday dinner for the inlaws!

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