In which I buy jeans (and a cape)

If there’s one thing I – a short-legged person with a big butt – hate with the passion of a thousand fires, it’s trousers shopping. Alas, all three of my jeans gave out during the past couple months! (I’ve had them for years, so I got my money’s worth. I’ll try to mend my black pair, but I’m afraid the rest of them are beyond help.) I had to get over myself and go buy new ones.

I got this dark blue pair at Yeans Halle for about 70€. I’m always overwhelmed when it comes to sizing with jeans, but the salesperson was really helpful and recommended I size down to 31/30. Now the jeans fits well around my waist, too, which is a bit on the smaller side. The stretchy fabric makes them comfortable, but we’ll see how they hold up over time. I’ve had bad experiences with an high stretch percentage in jeans. They just aren’t that durable, and my jeans get worn a lot and over many years.

These jeans were kind of an emergency buy. When I was in Vienna, the pair I had packed got dirty and I had to find an alternative immediately. Luckily, there was a Astro Markenhaus right next to my hotel, which is sort of a Austrian TJ Maxx if I understand correctly. I picked up this pair of Wrangler jeans for 20€ even though I normally don’t like lighter washes. They’re too long, of course, but that can be changed easily. My butt looks great in them, though, and the fabric is sturdy, and thus winter-friendly.

My most recent purchase is this pair of cord jeans from Hallhuber. I fell in love with them when I saw them on sale in their online store, but didn’t have the money to order them at this point. When I checked again a couple of days later, they were out of stock. Then I had a bit of a layover in Stuttgart last week because of a connecting train running behind schedule. I used this time to go to the Hallhuber store in the Königsstraße that turned out to have a pair left in my size. Rejoicing commenced!

Enough with the jeans, though, am I right? I’m in love with this thrift store find from Vienna! I already showed you a crappy Iphone picture of this cape, but I thought I’d post a couple with me actually wearing it. Isn’t the lining gorgeous? I’ve worn the cape a few times since buying it. I had it pegged as a frivolous but pretty purchase, but turns out it’s actually very warm and comfortable!


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