Burda Oven Mitts

Ever since we moved into our apartment, I find myself nesting hardcore. I guess it’s because before it was always just me, and now I have a little human-feline family. It’s fun making things for us.

The pattern I used for Phil’s apron came in a package with other kitchen accessory patterns. These oven mitts are one of them. I had some leftovers from the apron fabric, and … well, I have a lot of other fabric scraps. It’s very overwhelming. I picked a light blue gingham I found in my Grandma’s attic for the lining. It’s killing two birds with one stone: I do some necessary de-stashing, and I can keep up my Grandma’s memory in my daily life.

An important thing to note is that the instructions are only for one oven mitt. If you want two, you have to cut double the amount of pattern pieces.

The instructions seemed deceptively simple. Basically you just put the outer fabric, the fleece and the lining on top of each other, stitch some bias tape to the opening of the mitt, and you’re done. I just have such difficulties sewing with fleece. Even with basting and pinning it in place, it never stays put. Maybe I just don’t have enough patience for it.

Anyway, the mitts came out fine (if somewhat wonky) in the end. Just don’t look at the inside! (No, seriously, it’s not pretty.) They’ll keep us safe from burns either way, which is the main issue IMHO.


Pattern: Burda Küchen-Accessoires F/S 2010 #8125

Material: Gütermann “Marrakesch” (outer fabric), from my Grandma’s stash (lining).

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