It’s meteorological spring, let’s start gardening!

Our roof terrace looks rather sad right now. I hope many plants will come out of hibernation alive and well. The yellow raspberry at least is already growing new leaves, the brave little thing. Fingers crossed for the various pepper plants!

I couldn’t wait to go to the garden center the moment February was over! We bought a tulip, two daffodils, two crocuses, and an iris. Hopefully there won’t be a late frost, but the temperatures are usually fairly warm here.

My little herb nursery is coming along nicely. The basil is growing at a dizzying speed. I’ll probably get three or four plants out of it like last year! It’s going to be great to be able to use fresh basil again, I really missed it for pizza or various pasta dishes. Behind it in the makeshift hot house is dill, which has germinated while I was away for about a day. I’ll remove the plastic wrap once I finish this post so the seedlings can breathe!

As for the chive, it has germinated as well – in the most sad and depressing manner possible. I put one of my terracotta pots over it to keep the seeds in the dark. Now I’m not sure how to proceed, to be honest. Should I keep them under the terracotta pot and wait for more seedlings? Should I start fertilizing them? All my hope lies on four or five sad, worm-like seedlings! That will grow up to be a glorious chive plant, hopefully. No pressure, seedlings! No pressure at all!

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