Gertie’s Lamour Dress Pt. 1: Cutting the pattern

After I told you at the beginning of the month that I planned to sew the Lamour Dress (Charm Patterns by Gertie), I procrastinated until today to actually start doing so. Why? Laziness, probably. Also dread at having to crawl around on the floor when cutting the pattern and the fabric. For one, Oscar loves to sit down on or play with the paper pattern. That rustling noise it makes is irresistible for him! It’s cute and very annoying at the same time. Secondly, it hurts my back a lot. I wish I had a cutting table!

That’s why we ended up sitting on that gorgeous fabric for weeks – me figuratively, Oscar literally. Today I decided that while I wouldn’t be able to go on one of my usual marathon sewing sessions, I could at least to a part of it done. It’s been somewhat of a journey for me to accept my limits ever since I started to have these back problems in 2017, but I’m trying to be patient with myself. I can do these things, it just might take me longer!

So I traced the pattern on my transparent Burda tracing sheets and then cut them. I could make it easier for myself and just cut the pattern itself, but with my fluctuating weight I like to give myself the option to make a pattern in a different size later. It’s more straightforward with a single pattern like that than with a Burda magazine, so that was manageable anyway.

I cut a size 10 with a B cup bust. It didn’t even take that long, maybe an hour, even though Oscar insisted on helping me as usual. 😉 I know it doesn’t look like I accomplished much, but I’m pleased I have one of the two most physically taxing (for me) tasks of sewing this dress behind me. The other one is cutting the fabric, which I’ll tackle this weekend.

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