May Works in Progress

I’ve been planning to knit Sage by Kim Hargreaves in DROPS Belle ever since I bought the yarn for it in spring 2017. It’s been sitting in my stash for two years. Well, actually, I knitted the first row about a year ago, but found the pattern too complicated for my mood back then (which asked for: stockinette stitch, stockinette stitch, stockinette stitch). I picked it back up again a few weeks ago and got really into it for a while.

Then I stopped again … I’d like to claim that was because I had to prepare a talk for a seminar, but I’ve been back from that for a few days and I’m still not knitting. Or sewing, for that matter. I haven’t progressed on the Lamour dress at all since I last wrote about it. To be honest, that’s because I got really into The Witcher: Wild Hunt and have been playing it in every free second. We’ll see when I get bored with it and want to return to other pastimes again!

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