October WIP

I’m embracing slow crafting even if it doesn’t make for a regular blog schedule. The Sage cardigan is on a break because the pattern of the two front pieces didn’t line up. I’m taking a breather until I can return to it without stress or anger! I’ve started sewing this box jacket using the fabric leftovers from my Lamour dress instead.

It’s Burda 01/2019 Nr. 122B. I didn’t have any major hickups so far, but as always I’m unhappy with my handsewing. The handsewn hemline is puckering in such an ugly way!

I’m in the process of putting in the lining. I still love that eco cotton so much! It’s gonna be so comfortable to wear. And isn’t the texture of the grey fabric beautiful? I’m going to look devastatingly fancy when I’ll wear this jacket, haha!

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