The state of the Sage cardigan

Before posting about a smaller knitting project I’ve finished in the past week, I wanted to show you why I’m taking a break on making my Sage cardigan. It’s pretty simple: the cables on the front pieces don’t line up with each other.

It’s difficult to photograph, but I think you can see the issue in the picture below. Regardless in which piece I’ve made the mistake (I’m not sure yet, too rage-y to check closely!), this means a lot of frogging. Sigh. On the other hand, I hope it’s user error and not a problem with the pattern itself! I’m saying this because I’ve actually had this exact issue with another Kim Hargreaves pattern.

Anyway, this is going back into my crafting cabinet for a while. (Yes, I have a crafting cabinet. I have a lot of crafting stuff after all.) I’ll squeeze in a couple of other projects, and with time I won’t feel this impotent rage when I look at it and will be able to return to it calmly and methodically.

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