I finally finished something! Considering how slow I’ve been with my crafting in the past few months, this is quite a feat. I had actually started the Firebird Socks back in 2019, but after I realized I’d have to frog and start anew for the second time I lost all motivation. It took a bit to persuade myself to finally continue (I’m a hard sell) … In the end, my love for this pattern won out.

The good thing about starting this pattern several times is that I already knew my way through the monstrous leg pattern chart! Consequently, I could knit it up rather quickly even though it’s printed so small I probably ruined my eyes even further.

The feet pattern was the difficult part this time around, funnily enough. It wasn’t actually clear to me if I should repeat the chart all the way round including the bottom of the foot. In the end I sort of winged it because I figured that wasn’t actually the important part to get perfectly right.

I’m super pleased how the socks turned out, considering the bumpy road to the finished project. Speaking of bumpy, I couldn’t get the colourway to lay perfectly flat even after blocking! But who cares anyway. This was one of the most elaborate knitting projects I’ve ever done, and I’m happy with them. I’d even be more happy if I could actually wear them right now, but I guess I’ll have to wait for cooler temperatures. 😀


Pattern: Firebird by Janel Laidman

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cashmere (70% wool/25% nylon/5% cashmere), colourway 6 Red and 9 Black.

Photography: Phil

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