Most of my energy has been going into writing my PhD thesis lately. Then there’s my side job at the after school day care, an education training, the thesis seminar, political volunteering, housekeeping stuff and being a good cat mom and girlfriend. It’s been … a lot, and it’s taking a toll on my mental health, as does the pandemic of course. All this to say that my creativity and energy has nosedived. I used to knit every evening and sew on the weekends, but nowadays that, too, sounds utterly exhausting!

I did manage to finish this sweater, though. It’s the Flax pattern by tincanknits, and I chose it because there’s something so soothing about knitting stockinette. Another bonus is that worsted weight yarn means instant (or at least very quick) gratification! It made me happy to knit Flax – you could say it sparked joy, and that’s what I’m all about in my free time these days.

A note to future me, though: Please wash your gauge swatch! I’m a good girl and always swatch, mostly because I can feel my late Grandma’s disapproving stare if I don’t. I just … never wash the swatch, even though I know it’s better to do so. Yes, I know. I KNOW. Usually things turn out fine, but I got the comeuppance for my laziness in this case. I went up a needle size to get gauge based on an unwashed swatch, and happily started knitting the pullover. When I washed the finished garment, though, it stretched quite a bit. That’s what you get when you take shortcuts!

In the end I’m fine with it in this particular case. I had planned for a more form-fitting garment, but honestly I’m quite fine with the oversized version. It’s perfect for lounging on the couch! Very warm and comfortable. I promise to learn from my mistakes for future projects, though.


Pattern: Flax by tincanknits, size L

Yarn: Lana Grossa Merino Uno, 049 camel

Pictures: Phil

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