Barely Aislyn

It’s hard to keep up with good habits when you feel like your body fails you. Every time you put out a fire, another one lights up. Your eyes are better – how about some tendinitis? Suddenly it’s good news when things stay the same: your tension neck syndrome is still that and not a slipped disk, thank God! It’d help not to drown in that sinkhole of depression and self-pity if you could escape into your hobbies, but alas: The things you loved to do become the things that cause you even more pain.

The story of this sweater, then, isn’t an uplifting recovery story. I still have tension neck syndrome, and right now I have difficulties to type because the tendinitis in my wrist joint. I would like to finish the fingerless mitts for my mother, but it’s out of the question. I did finally sew together this sweater, though. It took me a year to knit, and it’s sloppy and doesn’t fit very well, but I don’t really have high ambitions these days. I’m happy I had days where I was able to knit. I’m happy I could finish this sweater.


Pattern: Aislyn by Dawn Catanzaro, size 42

Yarn: Rico Design Essentials Organic Cotton, 005 Puder

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  1. I’m sorry that health has not been good and hopefully it will improve with the coming months.
    It’s good that you still could finish this project, and perhaps the others will be done one day too 🙂
    All the best

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