Body-positivity, or: putting yourself out there

I wish I were super body-positive all the time. (Don’t we all?) I guess I’d take body-content as well, or try to shoot for body-appreciative at least. It has taken me so far in life after all! I’m at the point where I take care of it by trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly, which is something I guess. I even try to go to the doctor in time even though I’ve developed a deeply avoidant relationships with doctors after a string of shockingly shitty experiences with healthcare providers in the past couple of years. Go me!

But there are still days when I’m very negative towards my own body. Like on the day where we took these pictures. You can see it in my face! Luckily I have a very patient boyfriend-slash-photographer, and I am stubborn, so we powered through despite my brain trying to bad-mouth me. I’m still posting these pictures! I’m wearing a very comfortable shirt I sewed myself, and that is pretty awesome.

I’ve always felt very disconnected with my body, even when I was thinner, but taking and posting pictures of myself has helped me tremendously over the years. I’ve always been very quiet and cautious, and quite a few people over the years have remarked that I just don’t let people in. Often this has been to my detriment, actually. So this blog is a good reminder that I don’t get to hide behind books all the time. It can be very rewarding to put myself out there!

Project Overview

Pattern: Burda Style 02/2021 No. 122

Fabric: Jacquard knit from

Pictures: Philip

Outfit: Mom jeans by Blutsgeschwister; handbag by Coccinelle; fascinator by Miranda’s Choice; earrings by Bijou Brigitte; ring by The Craftshop Vienna

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