September Works in Progress

    Ruby by Joan McGowan-Michaels

    This cardigan pattern has been in my queue ever since I joined Ravelry over ten years ago. I always dreamed about knitting it once I was skilled enough. Ever since I finally downloaded it though, I’ve been struggling with it. I just have a hard time reading it, I seem to always miss something – and some parts are flatout wrong. I’m making size 39.5, and had to constantly consult other’s project notes on Ravelry.

    • I first started with the left front, which for some reason turned out to be the right front.
    • The description for the “cable 3 over 4 left” are the same as for “cable 3 over 4 right”. It should be (via siiliste’s project notes): cable 3 over 4 left – slip next 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold front (not back) of work, knit next 4 sts from left-handle needle, then knit sts from cable needle. I’ll probably restart the first front piece because of that.
    • The arm decreases don’t work at all as they’re written, so I used siiliste’s project notes to make the following decreases: At 55 sts, BO4, then BO3 and dec1 one time every other row to get to 47 sts.
    • I missed that I had to start the neck shaping 4 inches after beginning the armhole shaping and had to go back. That’s on me for not reading the pattern through thoroughly before.

    Tailored Cape Stole by Susan Crawford

    I bought the yarn (Sandnes Peer Gynt) for another project, but ended up going for a different colour. Since I’m sort of frustrated with my Ruby cardigan, I went through my pattern books to see if there was another suitable pattern for the yarn. I think the stole is going to be lovely in that colourway!

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