The art of being alone

I had the fabric for this top cut out and ready to go for quite a while, but only came around to sewing it on a day this August when I was completely, blissfully alone. I know I sound like an asshole to some people when I say that I like being alone so let the record reflect that I love my partner, my family, and my friends, and that I enjoy spending time with them. It’s just sometimes so peaceful to spend a day without any obligations or commitments, and just do whatever the fuck you want. In this case, it was binge-watching Netflix shows and sewing. SO PERFECT.

It felt amazing that my only care that day was that I needed to attach this beautiful bias tape I bought many, many years ago and saved for the perfect project to this dark blue jersey fabric. The act of creating something with my own two hands, even if that thing is just a very simple jersey top, gives me the greatest satisfaction. I don’t aim particularly high these days, but that’s okay. It still makes me happy just thinking and writing about it!

Project Overview

Pattern: Burda Style 09/2021 No. 102A

Fabric: Jersey from

Pictures: Philip

Outfit: Skirt – Burda Style 07/2015 No. 118; earrings – bought in the Philippines; ring – The Craftshop Vienna; hairclip – Maison Archives.

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