Fidget Socks

I finally finished my uncle’s socks! This means I’m through with my Christmas knitting one and a half months after Christmas … or maybe let’s just go with 10 months before Christmas, haha. I had difficulties with my wrist and had to take it slow. Now that it’s better I took one or two hours each day to work on these socks. I’m really happy that I could establish a knitting routine again! Lately, I picked up knitting projects every few months or so, and ended up being really confused and then discouraged.

Understatement socks

The socks are knit toe-up. The pattern is a version of the basketweave stitch. It’s easily memorized and makes for good TV knitting. My uncle doesn’t like elaborate patterns, but this one is understated and unobtrusive without being mindnumbingly boring to knit! I knit the socks in a men’s medium. As you can see, they fit Phil’s feet well, so they probably should fit my uncle too. That’s the problem with knitting for others; when they aren’t physically there for try-ons, you need to guesstimate.

Turning on my heel

The only thing that was new to me was using the Fish Lips Kiss method for the heel. At first I was a little miffed that I had to buy a whole extra pattern just for the heel. I had heard raving reviews for the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, but I’ve never had problems using traditional heel turning methods and sort of dismissed it as one of those fads the knitting world likes to go through. Now that I’ve actually bought and tried it, I must admit it makes turning the heel very easy and painless! I don’t necessarily love its aesthetics, tbh, but maybe I’m just weird?

Project Overview

Pattern: Fidget Socks by Amy Stringer

Yarn: Regia 4fädig (Fingering, 75% Wool/25% Nylon)

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