Knotty Gloves (WIP) & Vegetarian Cooking

The Knotty Gloves are my newest knitting project. I started it after I was quite motivated by the knitting routine I established with my uncle’s socks. They’ll be a present as well, as Phil’s mother has her birthday at the end of February and I’ve been thinking of making her something for a while. She’s a very fashionable, elegant woman who appreciates beautiful materials and well-made clothes.

Back to vegetarian cooking!

In winter I always slip back to comfort recipes from my childhood, which invariably involve meat. While I’ll probably never become completely vegetarian or vegan, it’s been my goal to reduce meat in my diet as much as possible. Changes in my diet are tricky because my disordered eating habits means I need to be careful not to put too much pressure on myself. I’ve been most successful by leaning into the joy that cooking and trying new recipes bring me. By now I’ve added a good amount of vegetarian and vegan recipes to my cooking roster!

The tortellini casserole on the left is a new discovery! It’s simple to make, needs only a few ingredients, and uses lots of cheese (which makes this an automatic win in my book anyway). The picture in the middle is a Hello Fresh recipe. I don’t order Hello Fresh anymore because of their poor treatment of employées, but I kept the recipe cards and use them frequently. Honestly, they just have really good and accessible everyday vegetarian recipes. I included the picture in the right, even though I was disappointed in the recipe. Spaghetti bolognese is one of my comfort foods, so I figured I’d try a meatless variation. This recipe by vegan food blogger Lea Green sounded promising, especially because I love lentils. Unfortunately, it turned out really bland even though I used lots of herbs and spices.

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