Gardening Update: Sprouts!

Week 1

Most of the seeds in my mini greenhouses have sprouted!

As a reminder, I sowed the following vegetable and herb seeds (from left to right, top to bottom:

Cape gooseberriesThai basil
Mixed saladsDillweed

Everything sprouted very quickly. Especially the cucumber sprouts grew incredibly fast! At the end of the first week, their leaves touched the lid of the greenhouse. Technically you’re supposed to wait until the sprout has developed a second set of leaves after the seed leaves to repot them, but in this case forego the waiting period. They didn’t have anywhere to grow in the greenhouse! I repotted them and placed them in my IKEA greenhouse on the terrace. It sits next to the wall of the house at the back of the terrace so it’s safe from any spring weather shenanigans.

Week 2

Everything is developing well! I put coco tabs with eggplant seeds where the cucumber sprouts had been previously. Unfortunately, I couldn*t put the greenhouses outside much because it has been very windy lately. I’m wondering whether I should repot the mixed salad and arugula seedlings. Some of them have grown their second set of leaves. That means it’d be possible, but I’m going to err on the side of caution and wait another week.

Speaking of cucumber plants, the seedlings are quite happy outside! It’s supposed to snow tonight so I might have to bring them back inside again, though. I gave one to my parents when they visited recently because I don’t think I have enough room for four plants. The radish seeds have sprouted as well, see below.

Week 3

I didn’t do much gardening this weekend. I thought about repotting the salad plants, but decided to give them one more week in the safety of the greenhouse.

Week 4

I’ve started to repot a few of the seedlings. The salad plants, the tomatoes and the basil seemed ready to move on from plant nursery. We had a cold snap in the past week, and sadly a few of the radish plants I had sown outside died as a result. Such is life as a gardener …

I also wanted to plant bean and pea seeds in my flower boxes today, but they were already occupied by a species of carnivorous plants I shall call “the fluffball”.

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