Embroidery and Strawberries

I’m obsessed with embroidery right now. In fact, it takes all my willpower to not buy all the cute embroidery kits I can get my hands on. I love most of the kits by Rico Design, to say nothing of the cornucopia of adorable Stardew Valley cross stitch patterns like this one on Etsy. I also have a Oh Sew Bootiful embroidery kit in my stash before I go on a shopping spree.


Progress on my strawberry wreath

Since I wrote about the strawberry wreath I’ve started to embroider a week ago, I’ve slowly and steadily plodding along. I’ve learnt the longstitch and the straight stitch, although if I’m totally honest I’m still not sure what’s the difference. My stitches aren’t very clean yet, but I figure this will come with repetition.

The important thing is that I still very much enjoy embroidery! It’s an added bonus that I can just pick it up for a quarter of an hour and do a few stitches, then put it away again. All without running the risk of forgetting where I’m at in the pattern like with knitting! Plus, it isn’t a whole production to set up like with sewing. It’s ideal for me right now because I find miyself really tired and worn down in the evening, but would still like to do something creative for a bit.

I’ve finished the wreath’s branches and the leaves, then started to embroider the strawberries. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and used the wrong thread colour for some of the seeds. I later realized that the beige thread is used only for the light pink strawberries. For the darker pink and red strawberries, I need to use yellow thread. Right now I go from strawberry to strawberry, remove the beige thread if necessary, and embroider the whole fruit in one go. It’s so much fun, and I’m looking forward to the end result!

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