Repotting and Plotting

May has been so rainy and cold so far that I’ve been procrastinating working on our roof garden. Additionally I felt demotivated because most of my herb seedlings didn’t make it this year. ๐Ÿ™ Curiously, the veggie and fruit plants have been thriving. On the top right of my raised bed you can see the carrots plants, and on the bottom the potatoes are absolutely going off!

Below you can see the plants that aren’t big enough yet to be bed out. Again, it’s only the vegetable and fruit plants: we have eggplants, cape gooseberry, strawberries, tomatoes and one chili plant. Yesterday I also sowed lovage. My old plant didn’t make it through the winter. It’s one of my favourite herbs, and I get sad when I think of a summer salad without lovage. We’ll see if it sprouts this late.

I picked up a catnip plant at the garden center yesterday because it’s apparently a good companion for roses. Also maybe it’ll keep my cats from absolutely destroying my plants. It’s a cats vs. plants world out here, just ask the poor little olive tree I bought last summer.

My biggest new acquisition is this fig tree. I’m sort of still in denial that we don’t live in a Mediterranian climate and keep buying lime trees, lemon trees, olive trees … I haven’t had much success. (Well, the demise of my olive tree wasn’t due to the climate, though.) I have seen neighbours with fig treens and banana trees, so maybe this time it’ll work. Sidenote: that isn’t what a good gardener does at all. I’m not setting a good example here.

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