Chansons and vacation

There was one thing our vacation needed to be this year, I told Philip: relaxing. I started a new job, I’m on the finishing line of my PhD, plus our cat’s sickness has made for one very stressful year so far. In a nutshell, I need rest. We had been thinking of doing a city trip to Kraków, but after some soulsearching we decided we wanted less people and more nature. In the end, we settled on the Burgundian countryside. It’s beautiful, the car ride there is only six hours, and there’s wine. We found a gorgeous airbnb in an chateau amidst a vineyard. Did I mention there’s wine?

Check out the Spotify playlist for our vacation in France.

Obviously, we needed a playlist for this trip. We proceeded just like with our Summertime playlist. The prompts were “French” and “vacation”. We both contributed an equal number of songs. Half of it is naturally chansons, because what’s better to get in the mood for your French summer vacation than some Serge Gainsbourg or Françoise Hardy? I can already see myself strolling through dreamy Burgundian vineyards, eating pain au chocolat in a quaint village bakery and tasting wine at an ancient vineyard. Okay, okay. I’m done with the French stereotypes. (But will probably do all of those things.) Can you tell that I’m looking forward to this trip?

If you, like me, dream of the quiet beauty of the French countryside, put on our “Les vacances” playlist. Then just close your eyes, and let yourself get whisked away!

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