My first Yarn kit

I tried something new! After I was really happy with my embroidery kits, I went ahead and purchased a yarn kit. I’ve never done that before! Usually I just choose a pattern and then try to find a matching yarn. The reason for this is that I live in Germany but usually use English knitting patterns. Sadly, the yarns recommended in the patterns were almost never available here, especially when I began knitting in 2007/2008(?). The yarn matching worked out sometimes, sometimes it didn’t, but it definitely taught me something about choosing the right materials.

Then again I haven’t been knitting much because I just don’t have enough energy and brain space to put into this process. To be honest, I had to swallow my pride because it feels almost too easy to just purchase a kit where someone else put together the yarn and the pattern. I’ve come to realize though that this definitely has a space and a function and I needn’t be that arrogant about the whole thing. It feels great to just have everything at the ready!

I’ve seen a finished version of this sweater in the window of my local yarn shop. It looked really cute and fun! The pattern is basically just two rectangles for the front and back, plus another two rectangles for the sleeves. The cuffs are knitted in moss stitch, the rest is in stockinette stitch. It’s easy and relaxing! You don’t have to think! The colour changes are sort of addicting! In a nutshell, I’m not aiming particularly high with this and it is okay. In fact, I’m having a really great time.

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