Striped Sweater WIP

The upside of working with several colourways in one project is that it’s incredibly fun to knit.1 That’s why I’ve worked pretty much every day on this WIP since I posted about it first. Consequently, I’ve made quite a bit of progress! I finished the back piece, and I’m about halfway done with the front piece.

  1. The downside, of course, is that you have to sew in so many ends. But I’ll cross that bridge once I come to it, while whining about everything. ↩︎

I’m honestly not sure if this sweater is going to suit me. It’s pretty much outside the range of my usual colours. I think I’m mostly an autumn type dresser? I prefer dressing in warm, muted colours or jewel tones. But this sweater is so much fun to do that it’s worth the risk. Truthfully, it’s been difficult to enjoy longer projects because I have to manage my pain, and can’t sit with a WIP for longer amounts of time. Knitting stripes is kind of perfect in this regard. I usually just sit down and knit the next stripe, then I go and do something else.

Project Overview

Pattern: Streifenpulli Modell 23, Die Neue Masche Nr. 6

Yarn: Rico Design Essentials Organic Cotton dk

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