Late summer is really beautiful on our little roof terrace. I’m glad I planted a lot of flowers this year, it looked so pretty and cozy!

I’m glad I took a risk with the passionflower. While it sort of disregarded the trellis I put behind it in order to help it climb, it found its own way past the chive. It looks very romantic, doesn’t it?

My pumpkin plant is equally expansive. It decided to grow up to the cat nets spanned over the terrace. I didn’t necessarily plan for that, but I sort of love how it looks!

My modest harvest

As you can see, I didn’t harvest an abundance of vegetables, but I was aware that wouldn’t be the case from the beginning. After all, I have a couple of years of experience gardening with pots and raised beds in a small space. I don’t expect to self-sustaining when growing vegetables, it’s mostly for fun.

What to do with your harvest?

Pizza. What I do is make pizza.

I collect homegrown tomatoes to make the sauce, or if I don’t have enough I just add them to the storebought passata. Then I usually use eggplants and zucchini (whatever I have that year) with chili peppers and fresh basil on top. Perfect way to use even a modest vegetable harvest!

Herbs are a completely different topic, though. We always cook using our own herbs! This vegetarian pasta casserole is a nearly weekly staple in our kitchen. You put cooked pasta and tomatoes (storebought or homegrown!) in a casserole and mix it with a sauce made with cream cheese and chive. Add a mixture of grated parmesan and another cheese of your liking on top, then put it in the oven for 25mins. It’s delicious and I can’t get enough of it!

Instead of using fresh herbs, you can also dry them. I always dry and store some herbs for the winter months! Especially since herbs like marjoram for example give much more flavour once they’ve been dried. I cook a lamb stew with dates and sweet potatoes for Easter that wouldn’t even taste half as good if I didn’t use dried marjoram.

As you can see, there are a lot of uses for a garden even if it’s truly tiny!

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