Striped Sweater WIP: Front and Back Done

I’m still successfully knitting stripes! In my previous post about this sweater I showed you the finished back and half of the front. I took a break from knitting for a couple of days because the edge stitch kept slipping of the needle. I had to go back about four stripes, and I felt slightly defeated. My tolerance to stress caused by small annoyances is very low these days. (If I had followed the instructions and used a circular needle, this wouldn’t have happened. Alas, I didn’t have one at hand in the right size so I used straight needles.)

Striped sweater back piece.

A few days later I decided to put on my big girl pants. Who would have thought it was a matter of maybe half an hour while watching the newest RHOSLC episode? Not me and my tendency to make a mountain of a mole hill. Anyway, I just bound off the last stitches of the front piece. Side note: it took me an extraordinarly long amount of time to figure out the shoulder decreases as written in the pattern. I’m knitting size 40-42 so that means I have to decrease 8×5 stitches at the sides every other row.

Striped sweater front piece.

Now I just need to knit the two sleeves, which should go even faster. I’m determined to finish another knitting project in 2023 at least!

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