• Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    I hope everyone is having a happy Easter weekend! As you can see, we decided to colour eggs and bake a Gugelhupf, the whole Easter shebang. Today I’m just going to rest though and try to recover from the start of the new semester. That’s why I’ve been AWOL recently, too … need to get […]

  • Christmas cookies!

    Christmas cookies!

    No knitting or sewing posts this weekend! This is because a) I finished up my BA thesis (YAY *jazz hands*) and b) I was baking my little heart out. Because Christmas cookies. YUMMY. What are your favourite Christmas cookies? And more importantly, can you give me the recipe? Do share!

  • Alsatian Gugelhupf

    Alsatian Gugelhupf

    Greetings to all you lovely people out there on this fine Easter Monday evening! I’ve been rather busy with university work lately, but tomorrow I should be able to post something knitted again. I also plan to sew a dress, so watch out for that! For today I’d like to show you something I baked […]

  • Apple Pie

    Apple Pie

    Autumn is pie season if you ask me, but that is mainly because I love apples and damsons and I love pies with them! We’re not big pie or cake eaters in my family all in all (although that’s an entirely different matter if I’m in former Habsburg territory because boy do they know how […]

  • Juustosarvet

    My friend gave me this recipe for Finnish “cheese horns”. They’re delicious! And very simple to make, too. Ingredients: 2.5 dl warm water, 50g butter, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 packet of yeast, 4.5-5.5 dl flour, grated cheese and egg yolk for coating. Make the yeast dough, then roll out the dough in a circle. Cut […]