• Quiche Lorraine

    Quiche Lorraine

    Finally found a good recipe! The quiche is rather classic with bacon, but I added scallions instead of onions. It was oh so very yummy. What did you have for dinner today? QUICHE LORRAINE (in: Tante Marie. La véritable cuisine traditionelle) Ingredients: yeast dough, 125g smoked bacon, scallions, 100g cream, 3 eggs, 25g butter, salt, […]

  • Palacsinta


    Here’s a confession: palacsinta are the greatest thing in the world. There are crêpes, pancakes, Pfannkuchen, but they don’t compare  to palacsinta for me; they don’t remind me of sitting in the tiny little palacsinta place in Buda with friends, having a good time and eating ALL THE PALACSINTAS EVER. I’ve had never much luck […]