• Me-Made-May ’15 – Summary

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Summary

    First off, I’m SO sorry for accidentally posting this twice before. I had scheduled it at certain dates, but never came around to writing the text, and then promptly forgot about it. I apologize for spamming your reading list with unfinished posts … Me Made May was all in all a bit “meh” for me […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Five

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Five

    Day 25 Dress: First Days of Spring This is possibly the most irritatingly smug pictures anyone ever took of me, and I find it unbelievably funny. Sorry guys, I was tired after a long car ride and gave zero fucks that evening. 😀 (I think I figured out what bothers me about this dress, though: […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    I apologize for the late post! I was on the road during the holiday and spent yesterday in bed with Aunt Flo. Day 18 Skirt: Pour quelques jours I really, really wish I had lined this skirt! I love wearing it, but I leave in constant fear of an incident thanks to the flowy, light […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Three

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Three

    Day 11 Dress: Jane Bennet Dress Day 12 Top: Death of the Endless tanktop I love this tanktop, although I’ll probably make the neckline higher when I make another one as planned. As of now, I would feel uncomfortable in seminars because it kinda screams “BOOBIES! LOOK AT MY BOOBIES” … 😉 That said, I love […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Two

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Two

    I’m reaaaally tired after this two-day convention, so today’s Me-Made-May round-up is gonna be short and sweet! 🙂 Day 4 Jumper: Such Flattering Puff Sleeves I love to combine this seater with my red trousers and skirts; it’d feel to boring together with black. Day 5 Shirt: Wearable Muslin Shirt I honestly didn’t want to […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    I know we’re talking about a very short week here, but I’m too excited about Me-Made-May to wait until next Sunday. 😛 Day 1 Jumper: This one for parties Hat: Dark Green Hat (unblogged, link to Ravelry) Warm and beautiful! Though I do need more skirts to go with it. The hat I’ve come to love, even […]

  • Me-Made-May 2015

    Me-Made-May 2015

    I, Konstanze of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015. I’ll take a picture of my outfits each day and will show them to you in a weekly round-up, probably on Sundays. (I’m so excited! Last year […]

  • Me-Made May ’14 – Summary

    Me-Made May ’14 – Summary

    I know May has been over for a while now, but I still wanted to post the promised MeMadeMay ’14 roundup – life has just been very demanding. First a gallery with every garment I’ve worn in May! Click on one of the pictures to enlarge it. I really have to thank So, Zo… for creating […]