• Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Welcome to the second part of my Vienna travel diary! You can find the first part here and the post with my initial plans for this trip here. This post is about cake, second hand shopping and two huge splurges! LET ME HAVE CAKE If you visit Vienna, you obviously have to go to the […]

  • Vienna here I come!

    Vienna here I come!

    I’ll be heading to Vienna soon to do another round of archival work for my thesis! As always, I’m trying to make plans for activities when I leave the archive in the late afternoon/evening. From experience, it gets rather depressing just going from my hotel room to the archive and back again every day. This […]

  • Lamour Dress

    Lamour Dress

    I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in my body for … quite a while, actually. This is why I tend to sew wide garments lately instead of the pretty dresses that made me start sewing in the first place! While it’s okay to experiment with shape and form, or prioritize comfort over aesthetics, it’s more an unwillingness […]

  • October WIP

    October WIP

    I’m embracing slow crafting even if it doesn’t make for a regular blog schedule. The Sage cardigan is on a break because the pattern of the two front pieces didn’t line up. I’m taking a breather until I can return to it without stress or anger! I’ve started sewing this box jacket using the fabric […]

  • Sunday walks in the countryside

    Sunday walks in the countryside

    We took a Sunday walk to the new observation tower near our town. There’s a hot debate regarding its design, usefulness, and construction costs raging here, but we’ll leave the local affairs out of this blog post. I actually quite like the light wooden lattices on its walls, and think it’s a fitting piece of […]

  • July Works in Progress

    July Works in Progress

    This summer’s been heating up over here, and I’ve been a bit lazy crafting-wise because of the temperatures. To be honest, I haven’t touched my Sage cardigan in weeks! I did however finish two sewing projects. I finished the Lamour dress in time for the Rock’n’Roll Weekender in Walldorf, and proudly wore it. Sadly, I […]

  • May Works in Progress

    May Works in Progress

    I’ve been planning to knit Sage by Kim Hargreaves in DROPS Belle ever since I bought the yarn for it in spring 2017. It’s been sitting in my stash for two years. Well, actually, I knitted the first row about a year ago, but found the pattern too complicated for my mood back then (which […]

  • Lamour Dress Pt. 2: Starting, stopping

    Lamour Dress Pt. 2: Starting, stopping

    Since last time I posted about the Lamour Dress, I’ve cut the fabric, lining, and underlining. I took my time and used lunch breaks or slow evenings, without any pressure to get anything done (and the value judgement that comes with failing to do so). Today I finally started the sewing process. I did the […]