• April Works in Progress

    April Works in Progress

    Now that spring has officially started, I’m making good progress on this winter pullover. It’s how I roll! I’m nearly done with the body, I just need to do the whip stitch hem. Which I’ve been procrastinating on for some reason – sometimes I’m reluctant to learn some new casting-on or casting-off technique because I’d […]

  • Gertie’s Lamour Dress Pt. 1: Cutting the pattern

    Gertie’s Lamour Dress Pt. 1: Cutting the pattern

    After I told you at the beginning of the month that I planned to sew the Lamour Dress (Charm Patterns by Gertie), I procrastinated until today to actually start doing so. Why? Laziness, probably. Also dread at having to crawl around on the floor when cutting the pattern and the fabric. For one, Oscar loves […]

  • Crafting books: Socks, the 2000s, and my favourite knitting books ever!

    Crafting books: Socks, the 2000s, and my favourite knitting books ever!

    There’s an abundance of free knitting patterns out there, of which I regularly make use of myself. It’s great if you don’t have much extra money to spend on your hobby, where even the cost of the material can be rather expensive. However, I like supporting designers whose work I love too. Plus, I love […]

  • Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Like most knitters and sewists, I have yarn and fabric squirreled away in many dark corners. Before we moved in together, I used to have some stuff at my old apartment and some at my parents’ house. After the move, I consolidated my crafting collection and it’s been … well, overwhelming. We put most of […]

  • March Works in Progress

    March Works in Progress

    I learnt a new fiber art! I’ve had this crazy idea for a while to make a carpet for our bedroom (spurred by the prize point of commercial carpets). Before committing to such a huge project I figured I’d try the knotted-pile technique on something smaller to see it’s something I’d actually like to do […]

  • Burda Oven Mitts

    Burda Oven Mitts

    Ever since we moved into our apartment, I find myself nesting hardcore. I guess it’s because before it was always just me, and now I have a little human-feline family. It’s fun making things for us. The pattern I used for Phil’s apron came in a package with other kitchen accessory patterns. These oven mitts […]

  • February Works in Progress

    February Works in Progress

    I’m still working on the Manu cardigan. I’ve finished both sleeves and joined them to the body. The yarn (DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk) is gorgeous! I took the cardigan with me on the train ride to Vienna, and I guess because of all the travel chaos I was absent-minded and didn’t read the pattern properly. […]

  • Burda Sleeping Mask

    Burda Sleeping Mask

    I made a sleeping mask. I don’t need a sleeping mask. At least not for its intended purpose! It was actually my mom’s idea to sew myself a sleeping mask. I told her that Oscar would slap me at night to wake me up, and that I was scared he’d accidentally hurt my eyes. He’s […]